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Planning a Cover Up?

Regretting your tattoo or dislike the way it looks? Laser tattoo removal can help. At Signature Med Spa, the team of laser treatment specialists offers laser tattoo removal using the state-of-the-art Harmony XL PRO® system in the Great Falls, Montana, office. If you have old ink and want to get rid of it, call the office or click on the online appointment maker to set up your consultation today.

What is laser tattoo removal? 

Traditional tattoo removal using laser therapy uses nanosecond laser energy. Nanosecond is a fancy way to describe how quickly pulses of light are dispensed into your skin. The nanosecond method has since been improved to picosecond technology. What this means for the patient is faster tattoo removal and less pain. This speed transfer heat into the tattoo breaking the ink particles into small bits that the immune system sweeps away.

Nanosecond lasers are not an ideal choice for removing color placed in the deep layers of the skin. Picosecond technology is very powerful for removing superficial ink colors. Old or new each tattoo will require an individualized approach.

Signature Med Spa has both technologies to leverage the strengths of both methods of tattoo removal. Using an inadequate laser will cost you time, money, and the potential of scarring.  Trust your tattoo removal to the experienced providers at Signature Med Spa.

When might I need tattoo removal?

People choose laser tattoo removal for many reasons, including:

  • Tattoo no longer reflects your interests or beliefs
  • Tattoo reminds you of a relationship you want to forget
  • Tattoo is holding you back in your career
  • Tattoo no longer looks good due to fading

No matter what your reasons for being unhappy with your tattoo, laser tattoo removal can give you freedom from the ink you no longer love. 

How does laser tattoo removal work? 

The ClearLift laser has two wavelengths of laser light: one that’s ideal for black and darker colors and another that’s best for bright shades like orange and red. With access to two unique wavelengths, your provider can expertly target the tattoo section by section. 

The laser uses a photo-acoustic effect to shatter ink particles during short pulses. Your lymphatic system will sweep away the ink particles and flush them out.

How do I prepare for laser tattoo removal?

Before your first scheduled tattoo-removal session, the Signature Med Spa team provides a list of preparations. This usually includes avoiding sun exposure, stopping smoking (it slows healing), and avoiding harsh skin care products. 

How do I take care of my skin after laser tattoo removal?

After laser tattoo removal, you’ll need to follow many of the same guidelines as before your treatment. It’s especially important to look after your skin properly as it heals. The Signature Med Spa team can recommend a skin care routine that cleans and protects your skin without causing damage as you heal. 

The Signature Med Spa specialists understand how embarrassing and distressing unwanted ink can be, and they’re here to help with the latest state-of-the-art tattoo-removal system. Click below to book online or call the office to set up your tattoo-removal consultation today.